The Cocktale Hour is presented by Business Takeout, a not for profit social enterprise that seeks to empower Black Wealth and Entrepreneurship.

The CockTale Hour is an intimate yet ironically sobering conversation about the things we Thirst for in life. Who are you and how did you get here? These questions and more lead us on a journey through the parts of my guests life, the illuminate just what it takes to get what you want. Get ready to be inspired!

Here’s what you’ll see during The CockTale Hour:

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Late Night Cocktales is a variety show that navigates the often taboo and unconventional approaches to a more satisfying sexual and relational wellness experience; this show explores and challenges our notions around sexuality and love in all of its expressions.

The making of Late Night Cocktales

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Naija Wives of Toronto is a reality show that follows the lives of 6 beautiful, successful Nigerian-Canadian and Caribbean Canadian boss ladies, Abby, Rachael and Emilian, Becky, Pureness and L.A. are from different walks of life.

The shos is set against the backdrop of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, Toronto.  The show is a celebration of a community uniting. Whether it is running successful businesses, raising families, giving back to the community, these ladies do it all while straddling the fine line between tradition and modernism.

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Veronica K. Rodie- Fazio


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Curated stories about the sex, dating, and love lives of people all over the world that I have interviewed since 2019.

These stories seek to destigmatize, educate, empower, make people laugh and assist in one’s healing.

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We discuss + dissect the unspoken and often taboo topics in Popular Culture.

Through both digital and in person townhalls we seek to empower and critique the intersections that impact Black culture within the larger society.

Let’s Collaborate no topic is off limits; we will not be ignored!

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