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Fragments of my soul


My films are not just stories; they are fragments of my soul, crafted to resonate with the depths of your being. I created them to peel back the layers of vulnerability, to expose the raw truths of human experience, and to offer a mirror for reflection and healing. By sharing stories, I hope to spark conversations, foster empathy, and ignite a collective journey towards healing and awareness. 

Can You Hear Us Now? –  This short documentary dives into the complexities of African identities, echoing the silent cries of those longing to be understood. This film is not merely entertainment; it is a vessel for healing wounds unseen.

Thirsty AF – My goal was to illuminate the stark truths of addiction, infusing moments of levity to ease the weight of the subject matter. With a blend of humor and heartfelt emotion, This movie is a starting point into the exploration of the multifaceted layers of addiction with compassion, insight and curiosity.

a SMALL book: Black Mythology and African Retention

2024 / Documentary Short / 17min

Created and Written by: L.A. Wade
Executive Producers: Professor James Small, L.A. Wade and Tiku Roemello Fisher
Directed and Produced by: L.A. Wade and Tiku Roemello Fisher
Edited by: Tiku Roemello Fisher and Mitch Benjamin

Film Festivals:
Toronto Pan African Film Festival
Toronto Lift-Off Film festival
Toronto Film Awards

Embark on a journey into Black mythology and African retentions with ‘
a SMALL book.’ Led by Professor James Small, exploring cultural narratives.

Thirsty AF: The Adventures of a Recovering Sex Addict

2023 / Documentary Short / 38min

Created and Written by: L.A. Wade
Executive Producers: L.A. Wade, Sheronna Osbourne, Janae Armogan, Norman “Big Norm” Alconcel, Mark Taylor, Olunike Adeliyi
Directed and Produced by: L.A. Wade and Carlos Anthony
Edited by: Wale Sholubi and Tiku Roemello Fisher (15min)

Film Festivals:
Woman’s International Film Festival – New York
Toronto Pan African Film Festival 
Toronto Lift-Off Film festival

The dramedy ‘Thirsty AF’ is based on the book series ‘The Adventures of a Recovering Sex Addict.’ Cali Church, a self-proclaimed sex addict navigates life after rape and divorce. Join her journey of healing, laughter, and self-discovery. – Let the Adventures Begin!

Host A Screening

Looking to ignite meaningful discussions within your organization? Host a screening of our film(s) and spark conversations that resonate. Our thought-provoking narrative delves deep into pressing societal issues, offering a platform for reflection and dialogue. Whether it’s raising awareness or initiating change, our film screenings provide a unique opportunity to engage your audience and inspire action. Contact us today to bring this enriching experience to your organization and be a catalyst for positive change.

Media Production


I’m deeply passionate about transforming the narrative landscape. I bring a creative spirit and a deep love for storytelling to every project, crafting unique and compelling narratives that truly resonate with audiences. With experience in both the literary and film industries, My partner, Tiku Roemello Fisher and I, bring depth and versatility to TRF MEDIA Productions, tailoring content to meet our clients’ diverse needs in a meaningful way.

At TRF MEDIA, we specialize in creating dynamic, impactful content that captivates and engages audiences, helping our clients tell their stories in the most authentic and powerful way possible.

For digital media and film production inquiries, please visit TRF MEDIA.