Hey, beautiful souls! It’s L.A. Wade here, ready to dive into something real today: our imaginations. You know, that part of our mind that can sometimes go a little too wild, especially when it comes to relationships. We’ve all been there, right? Caught up in a moment where our triggers start playing tricks on us, and suddenly, we’re seeing things that aren’t really there. It’s like our mind has a magnifying glass and it’s focusing on all the wrong details, turning a tiny ant into a giant monster.

“Sometimes we just see what we want to see”

Sometimes our past experiences and fears can make us see things that aren’t there or make objects appear closer than they really are. We can sometimes just see what we want to see. Have you ever found yourself looking at your partner with suspicion, even though deep down you know they haven’t done anything wrong? It’s like our brains are programmed to expect the worst, and before we know it, we’re caught in a whirlwind of doubt and mistrust.

Our perceptions can deeply harm relationships that are special to us. When we let our imaginations run wild, we can start to see our partners as the enemy—vindictive, manipulative, or just plain “bad.” But what if we took a step back and looked at each other as people who feel injured, just like us? Imagine how much compassion and understanding could grow from that simple shift in perspective.

Recognizing and managing our triggers is crucial. Think about it: how often do we react to a situation based on past pain rather than present reality? It’s time to break that cycle. Next time you feel your imagination starting to spin tales of betrayal and hurt, pause. Breathe. Remind yourself that your partner is human, too, capable of feeling hurt and pain just like you.

“It’s okay to be Vulnerable in a relationship. In fact, it’s necessary.”

It’s okay to be vulnerable in a relationship. In fact, it’s necessary. Without vulnerability, we build walls that keep us from truly connecting with our partners. And without connection, what do we have? So, let’s be brave. Let’s open up. Let’s be willing to see each other not as adversaries but as allies on this journey.

It’s time to take control. To stop letting past ghosts haunt our present. We need to learn to catch the triggers before they spiral out of control. By becoming curious about what our feelings are trying to tell us, we can hold ourselves accountable and withdraw judgment from the person associated with our trigger. Lean into the feeling and ask, “What is this feeling trying to tell me?” This can help us become filled with love and understanding, which is much better than fear and suspicion.

So, let’s not let our imaginations run wild for the wrong reasons. Let’s see each other for who we truly are—imperfect, yes, but worthy of love and understanding.

With love and resilience,