Let Your Living Be Your Healing

  • Hey, beautiful souls! It's L.A. Wade here, ready to dive into something real today: our imaginations. You know, that part of our mind that can sometimes go a little too wild, especially when it comes to relationships. We’ve all been there, right? Caught up in a moment where our triggers start playing tricks on us, and suddenly, we’re seeing things that aren’t really there. It’s like our mind has a magnifying glass and it’s focusing on all the wrong details, turning a tiny ant into a giant monster. “Sometimes we just see what we want to see” Sometimes our past [...]

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    Navigating Mental Health as a African Caribbean Canadian Another Canada DayI What's up people? Today I want to delve into a topic that deeply resonates [...]

  • Breaking Free from Self-Doubt: Overcoming Comparison and Self-Sabotage

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  • Cast Away: Navigating Social Alienation

    As I sit down to write this, I find myself drawing parallels to Tom Hanks' character in "Cast Away." Like him, I feel stranded on [...]