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L.A. Wade has been perfecting her ability to help others find their voice, speak their truth, and both tell and retell their story in unique and creative ways. As the first Black woman to hold the position of Registrar at the University of Toronto, she has sojourned new and unique ways of connecting those who are disenfranchised to novel opportunities internationally, specifically within experiential learning, the arts, sports and entertainment industries.

L.A. is also the first Black woman to host a show around sexual and relational wellness on cable tv in Canada through the Feva TV network, and now more recently, is one of 6 Black women on the reality tv show, Naija Wives of Toronto. The accumulation of her experiences has positioned her as an important voice in the film, television, podcast lifestyle and personal development industry.

Her work seeks to destigmatize, educate, empower, and make people laugh while assisting in healing through inspiration. She is a sexual abuse and rape survivor, who also speaks out for mental health and for those of us with learning disabilities. She is a community builder that looks for ways to collaborate on projects, ideas and brand affiliations. L.A.’s various projects are known to both push boundaries, unleash creative energy and capabilities, expand mindsets, and facilitate authentic and transparent conversations. She is the winner of various accolades and awards including the Scotia Bank African Canadian Achievement Award, The University of Toronto’s National Book and President’s Award, and the Mark Reisman Literature Award, L.A. continues to draw on her wealth of experience to tell stories, uncover truths and change narratives.

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