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Meet L.A. Wade

L.A. Wade is not just a certified trauma facilitator and wellness practitioner; she’s a beacon of transformation with over two decades of experience guiding individuals towards a life of fulfillment. With her expertise, she equips you with the precise tools and strategies to enact immediate positive changes in your life. Her keynotes transcend mere speeches; they are honest, relevant, and leave an indelible mark, transforming audiences’ perspectives and experiences.

In a world where genuine connection and a sense of belonging are increasingly scarce, L.A. Wade is on a mission to normalize vulnerability and create safe spaces for authentic and engaging conversations. By prioritizing the communication around difficult topics, she spearheads the charge towards a more diverse and inclusive society. As a dedicated mental health and wellness strategist, L.A. Wade offers relatable solutions to people worldwide, leaving an enduring impact on individuals and communities alike.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Save the Children Canada, former Toronto Blue Jay Edwin Encarnacion, and prestigious academic institutions like The University of Toronto, University of Manitoba, Brock University, The University of Ottawa, and Carleton University, L.A. Wade delivers influential programs that promote self-awareness and relational balance. Her accolades include the Scotia Bank Black Achievement Award, alongside numerous other notable achievements, cementing her status as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur.

L.A. Wade possesses a speaking style that transcends mere rhetoric; it’s a journey of authenticity and empowerment. With a commitment to mental health advocacy that goes beyond theory, L.A. fearlessly shares personal insights from her own transformative journey. She meets her audience where they are, fostering an atmosphere of authenticity, transparency, and relatability.

Through her captivating storytelling and profound wisdom, L.A. invites audiences to embark on a voyage of healing and self-discovery. Her topics of expertise cover a wide spectrum of crucial issues, from resilience and managing anxiety to navigating grief, loss, and change. With titles like “From Victim to Warrior, Sexual Abuse Survivor” and “Transcending Labels, The Adventures of a Recovering Sex Addict,” L.A. fearlessly confronts the complexities of human experience, inspiring listeners to embrace their own journeys of empowerment and transformation.

L.A.’s speaking engagements are not just informative; they are transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact. Drawing from her own triumph over adversity, she embodies the alchemy of turning tragedy into triumph. Her relatable and insightful discussions on relational and personal wellness strategies provide practical tools for navigating life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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“Let It Be” Fundraiser, created by L.A. Wade with former Toronto Blue Jay’s player Edwin Encarnacion.

L A Wade Damon Allen Image

I invited Damon Allen, former Canadian Football League (CFL) quarterback, to a Lunch and Learn for students at the University of Toronto.

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As an award-winning author, L.A. Wade leads by example, demonstrating how to take ownership of one’s feelings and relationships. Her keynotes are not only enjoyable but also deeply engaging, featuring lively Q&A sessions that provide audiences with actionable strategies for personal growth. With empathy as her guiding force, L.A. Wade’s presentations leave a lasting impact, inspiring individuals to embark on their own adventurous journeys towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

L A Wade The Summer Abroad Program

University of Toronto Students at the “The Summer Abroad Program”, created by L.A. Wade, in Grenada with Consul General, Derrick James.

Having worked with esteemed organizations such as the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board, Toronto District School Board, and Save The Children, L.A. Wade’s expertise has been recognized and sought after by institutions of learning and social impact across North America and abroad. Her proven track record of delivering influential programs and fostering meaningful change underscores her status as a leading voice in mental health advocacy.

Whether addressing audiences at universities, conferences, or workshops, L.A. Wade delivers a transformative and relevant experience tailored to meet the unique needs of each audience. Her commitment to unlocking the power of practical mental health strategies shines through in every keynote, panel discussion, and workshop, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to elevate their awareness and embrace holistic wellness.


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Alie Warnes – Work-Life Strategist

L.A. offers the truth. That we are all glorious no matter where we’re at or how lost we may feel. It’s a beautiful thing to be seen by someone who truly understands the depths of the human soul – L.A. gets it.

Tracy Moore – TV Host & Brand Partner

I’ve known LA for years from running in similar circles and she’s always been an eloquent Queen. That’s why it was incredible to find her ‘waxing poetic’ on IG lives. In these spaces we get a front row seat to her intelligence and beauty. She guides interviews with ease, her skills on full display. I’m a fan.