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Interview | L.A. Wade on BT (Breakfast Television) – Mental Health within the Black Community

Author, filmmaker, and certified trauma facilitator L.A. Wade @thisislawadeinc appeared on Breakfast Television to speak about the important topic of discussing mental health within the Black Community.
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Interview | L.A. Wade on CP24 Breakfast – Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health

Author, filmmaker, and certified trauma facilitator L.A. Wade @thisislawadeinc appeared on @cp24breakfast to speak about the important topic of mental health within the black community specifically on breaking the stigma with black men and mental health.


I am L.A. Wade, a pioneering Mental Health Strategist and Storyteller. My dedication to crafting healing strategies for individuals, families, and communities reflects my motivational and inspirational approach. Serving as a trusted consultant across various multimedia and mental health sectors, I offer relatable workshops, motivational talks, and utilize diverse forms of media to share my stories in an engaging, compelling, and knowledgeable manner. As a featured speaker at conferences, events, universities, and workshops throughout North America, I address audiences on a wide range of topics including diversity and inclusion, anti-Black racism, womanhood, pop culture, film, Black feminism, mental health & wellness, and more through keynotes, panels, and moderation. My conversations on mental health transcend theory, meeting people where they are for an authentic, transparent, and relatable discussion rooted in my personal healing journey

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