Who is LA Wade?

Hey everyone, I’m your host LA Wade!

Welcome to LA Wade Media Inc. a multimedia film company (Film & Content Hub). Our mission is to create, produce, distribute, and market content for Black Canadian & American Caribbean, Diasporic and multitudes of BIPOC voices. We promote our community stories by presenting them on a global scale.

We are expanding opportunities of access, equity, diversity and inclusion for Canadian media to tell Diasporic, African/Caribbean and BIPOC subjects, and their various intersections. By breaking down barriers to network, gain resources, traditional logistical and financial processes towards entry into global markets and audiences.

LA Wade is an expert in creative consulting and brainstorming sessions of strategy. Her vast experience and knowledge in the industry will heighten your awareness and gear up to pursue a driven development process. She is a mental health advocate and relational wellness professional whose voice has the power to impact and move an audience.

Her topics include: equity, Black feminism, wellness, inclusion, fitness, fashion, alongside other ventures of travel, business and lifestyle. As an Executive Director, Producer, Writer and Host (The CockTale Hour, CockTales with LA, The Elephant RoomTV, That’s Dope 420, Can You Hear Us Now?, LA-[ella] Vate) Wade shares and gathers knowledge of love through varies expressions, in which her shows revolve around deeper connections of relationships, communication, sex, cannabis and spirituality. She is a televised host and entrepreneur who brings joy, laughter and love to any event. Her energy is contagious with a genuine spirit to bring people together. Wade ventures towards self-love, self-accountability and acceptance aimed to de-stigmatize, educate, empower, laugh and assist in healing through inspiration

Presentations & Productions

Coming Soon: "LAVate"

A non-for-profit organization working to support young generations by providing access to networks of community leaders for mentorship programs and producing content hubs for emerging ambassadors and artists. Merch is available for purchase to support local causes.

Can You Hear Us Now?

An independent docuseries film presenting diverse conversations between Black and Indigenous People through scopes of diversity, equity and inclusion. Can You Hear Us Now? Is a compilation of BIPOC voices affected by this butterfly effect.

CockTales with LA

Presenting The Adventures of A Recovering Sex Addict (TAOARSA) by LA, with LA, told by LA. Follow Wade’s self-discovery process in Theater, TV/Film, Series and her upcoming Book: Thirsty AF.


This Is LA Wade Media Inc.

  • Wade’s world of arts and entertainment. 
  • Can You Hear Us Now?,
  • The CockTale Hour with LA
  • CockTales with LA
  • Late Night CockTales
  • That’s Dope 420
  • The Elephant Room TV
  • Naija Wives of Toronto


Alie Warnes, Work-Life Strategist  

  “L.A. offers the truth.  That we are all glorious no matter where we’re at or how lost we may feel.  It’s a beautiful thing to be seen by someone who truly understands the depths of the human soul – L.A. gets it.”

Jimmy Gary Jr.

Being a guest on LA Wade’s The Cocktale Hour was awesome and a lot of fun. It felt like we were in my living room just having a conversation over some drinks. We laughed a lot!

Adam Ellis

“…Beautiful, smart, devoted, courageous… The world needs L.A. to keep grinding…

Tamari Kitosa, PhD Tenured Professor at Brock University

Brilliant show.  You are an elegant moderator.

Mic Truth a.k.a Boogie Da Nomad, Multilingual Creative

L.A. Wade is creativity and inspiration in motion.  A simple conversation can lead you to many ideas and solutions.  This is the impact she has.

Bruce George, Cofounder of Def Comedy Jam on HBO, founder of the Genius is common Movement

Great work.  I’m not easy to interview and you did your thing with flying colors!

Terry L. Cyrus, Founder & CEO of Outspoken Media Group

I’m so honored to have been the first guest on The Cocktale Hour. L.A. is incredibly talented and knows all of the right questions to ask without making you uncomfortable. L.A. is truly a natural and will continue to soar to new heights!!!

Ann-Marie Mystique Daniel-Barker,  Founder & President, BFBG AWARDS

We have the pleasure of working with LA Wade on all of our shoots and she is exceptional at capturing the moments on set, her angles and ability to edit her work to bring out the best product for our project was beyond. She is very talented and she brings her fabulous personality to the set every time, a great person to hire to capture your event or project

Wolf J. McFarlane

I honestly really enjoy your energy.  Thank you for creating a safe space.  You will change the world

Hélio Sousa, Capoeira Angola professor and director of Capoeira Angola Toronto

L.A. is an orienting star, helping, shining, guiding and inspiring those around her. I am thankful for the many roles she has played in my life.

Linda Radan, Makeup/Hair/Nail Artist Toronto

“LA is a kind, friendly and very genuine individual.  It was always a pleasure working with her.  She’s both beautiful on the inside and out.

Darin, Late Night Cocktales Line Producer for FEVA TV

“…The enlightened conversations on LA’s show have a… healing affect that shakes up, [and] breaks up the mental and emotional limiting scars that viewers have regarding sexual expression and judgement and allows them to heal, understand ones self and others and while exploring new ways to be sexually happy.”


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